Dear …


Let me start by saying thank you for the sacrifice you have made to ensure that we are looked after as we fight COVID-19.

Thank you for your bravery. Each day you step out of your homes facing our current enemy and leaving your loved ones behind.

You ensure we get to and from work.

You ensure we get the best of care in hospital

You keep food stocked on shelves and consider my safety.

You ensure items are delivered

You deliver my post daily.

You clean my trains so I don’t get infected.

You go above and beyond and you do this at a cost

You put us at the forefront of your minds.

Ido not ignore the fact that in these times you worry about your loved ones and now more than ever you hold them close and cannot spend quality time with them because you are out there fighting. This enemy has no regard for whose life it claims. It respects no one. Ut also hurts that as the world mourns other and communities are coming together, in some parts of the world, more lives are being put as risk. In real time we see pots calling kettles black aka psychological projection. It hurts.

Also, you may not have the living space to distance yourself from your nearest and dearest.Most home’s are not built that way. However, you do the best you can with what you have even for the culture. Now more than ever, you at this time want nothing more than to keep them safe and pray that in your absence they apply all safety measures, silently praying our efforts aren’t futile. I hope it’s not.

To the families who have lost loved ones, my deepest condolences. As we abide by the rules set out to help fight this pandemic and save our lives, you are seen, you are appreciated and you are valued .

Stay home and stay safe that way we can be safe for each other.


In The Style Of Uzezi